Europe is a beautiful continent offering a plentiful experience for everyone. The natural and man-made gifts blessing this rich continent are bountiful, and we may not be able to experience each one of them in one life.

In Europe, there are places that have become too mainstream, but there are many others which are equally exciting. In this segment, we will narrow down our focus to a few European towns that have everything which a tourist would want. It is highly recommended that those planning a trip to Europe should find some time for visiting these stunning locations.

Five Beautiful Small Towns in Europe to visit

So, let us take a sneak peek into top five small towns in Europe which everyone should visit:

  1. Manarola, Italy

Manarola is one of the finest and colorful towns in Europe situated along the Mediterranean coast. It is known for fishing, its fantastic wine, especially Sciacchetra, and, of course, the marvelous paintings of Antonio Discovolors.

One travel tip: If you are traveling by car, then you will have to park it outside the town. From there, you can either walk into the town or take a shuttle bus.

2. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany

Featuring historic buildings and quiet environment, this town is among the most enriching experiences one can have in Germany. It is essentially a mountain resort town which is only 80 minutes away by train from the famous tourist destination, Munich.

The history of the town is interesting: there were originally two towns—one Teutonic and one Roman—but the 1936 Winter Olympics caused the amalgamation of the two into one. Thus, you can experience two different cultures cohabiting with remarkable peace and beauty.

3. Reine, Norway

Reine is a small fishing village situated on the picturesque Moskenesoyaisland, having a population of only about 300. Crowned as the country’s most beautiful village, the village is blessed with sapphire bays, towering fjords, and incredible mountains.

The village has been transformed into a touristy one, offering all kinds of facilities to the incoming tourists to relish the best of its offerings.

If this is not good enough encouragement, let us tell you that the village offers an amazing view of the Northern Lights—it seems you are interested now!

4. Portmagee, Ireland

Ireland is gifted with all kinds of towns, but none of them can compare to Portamagee. Portmagee sits on the Ring of Kerry off the southwest coast. It is basically a fishing village characterized by amazingly colored buildings bearing different shades of history.

The town buzzes with thronging tourists, peppy music, rich cuisine, and history. Well, surely, you rarely find all of these in just a town!

5. Hallstatt, Austria

If we are talking about Austrian towns, we cannot miss out on Hallstatt. It is one of the oldest settlements and was established in 5000 BC for the purpose of exploiting the abundant salt reserves.

A prospering town it is, Hallstatt is known for its ivy-coloured buildings, picturesque mountains, glittering lake and welcoming settlers.



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