1. Astir Palace Bungalows Vouliagmeni

These luxury bungalows are located just 20 km away from the centre of Athens and they are surely a place to relax, surrounded by stunning nature, plunge pools and amazing spa areas.

The five restaurants, part of the resort are also the reason to rest exactly here.

2. O&B Athens Boutique Hotel

The boutique hotel in the heart of Psiri area will surely be the answer to all your needs. The hotel is neat as in each room there is a different design.

The hotel is placed in the area of Psiri, which is near the center of the town, but it is quiet and easy to access. The accommodation is affordable, as the hotel offers all inclusive service to its guests.

Another bonus is the restaurant and the bar in the hotel, where usually you can find rich menus and tasty meals. As for the view, it is panoramic, so you are not going to be disappointed by the landscape outside of your window.

3. Fresh Hotel Omonia, Psiri

The Fresh hotel Omonia is located in Psiri and it is a small pearl compared to the biggest hotel chains. It is cool and well designed as its biggest bonus is the rooftop bar, called the Air Lounge.

The contemporary design, the panoramic views and the cocktail list are another reason to choose this small and modern hotel.


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