Once upon a time all the chicest resorts were described as luxury, paradise and advertised as a peaceful retreat away from the rest of the world. Now whilst these places still exist and attract similar clientele to before, there is a new breed of hotel on the block and no one can deny the impact that it is having on the shape of tourism worldwide. The rise of the boutique BnB or hotel has coincided with the rise of the young professionals, a new type of tourist who are looking for a new kind of accommodation.

But what exactly makes a hotel or BnB boutique and what’s all the fuss about anyway?

What’s Boutique Anyway

A boutique hotel is a term that has been popularised throughout Western Europe and North America to describe a small hotel of up to around fifty rooms that often have quirky themes, unique furnishings and aspirational interior designs. They typically are situated in a fashionable urban location, although some more far flung countryside, retreat style boutique hotels are starting to spring up. A true boutique hotel should also be independently owned and operated, not part of a chain masking as an individual boutique enterprise which is becoming more common as the popularity of boutiques rises and large companies want a piece of the action.

Luxury suite

Why Book Boutique

Boutique hotels started appearing in the late eighties but it is only recently that bookings for boutique accommodations have soared. With their central locations and stylish interiors these very specific hotels appeal to a certain market of up and coming young professionals with money to burn and appearances to be kept. In addition, the accessibility of these hotels means they are great bases for business trips and with more people choosing to live in the countryside and commute to the city for work there is more demand than ever for something to perk up the week of the lonely businessman.

Villa Sand

Finding a Boutique

Finding a boutique is not as easy as one would think as if you perform a regular internet search you are immediately bombarded with chain hotels posing as boutiques. Instead scour the local press of areas you are intending to stay to capitalise on local knowledge. If you are looking further afield consider a specialist service or website such as Chic Retreats where accommodations are handpicked for their character, location, customer service and charm. If you find a particularly good boutique accommodation then spread the word via travel forums to help the existence of these marvellous little accommodations continue.


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