Volcanoes are considered as the top tourist attractions in the world. Volcano enthusiasts flock to different volcano destinations to explore other worldly environment and to enjoy the volcano eruption under the spectacular night. For some people though volcano and travel doesn’t make a perfect combination while for some, nothing is as adventurous as booking an excursion trip to volcanoes. Given below are the top places for the volcano enthusiasts:



When it comes to a place with active volcanoes, Italy has 3, the largest of which is Mount Etna. Considered as one of the liveliest volcanoes of the planet, Etna is situated in Sicily that is the eastern coast of Italian island. For the volcano enthusiasts, visiting to Mount Etna is considered as most exciting experience because being the most active volcanoes, one gets to observe the spectacular smoking caters. A yet another place that a volcano enthusiast can visit in Italy is Mount Vesuvius, which is again considered as a mighty Travel destination to explore.



Iceland is known to be an extraordinary beautiful island, created long back as a result of many undersea volcanic eruptions. Sandwiched within the boundaries of North America and Eurasian Tectonic plates, Iceland has enormous active volcanoes, eye catching glaciers, lava deposits, and awe inspiring geysers. For the volcano enthusiasts, visiting Iceland can prove to be a lifetime experience.


For the volcano enthusiasts, who are more interested in viewing incredible volcanic activities and a landscape full of volcanoes, the mountainous Kamchatka region is an ideal destination. Located in the central Russia, one of the outstanding volcanic excursions is Mutnovsky Volcano, which stores superheated water and merged craters. Though visiting to this place is considered as dangerous but you may get an opportunity to see sulphurous smoke coming out as fast as speeding jets from the volcanic eruptions.



Like Iceland, Hawaii is a group of islands and is known by a fact that it is “created by fire”. Located in the boundaries of Pacific, the volcanoes of Hawaii are formed after massive undersea eruptions. For the volcano enthusiasts, a must visit place in Hawaii is Kilauea volcano. This is located on the Big Island, and is a place to witness the intersecting lava streams pouring directly into the sea.

Costa Rica

Moving towards the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica, resting in the Central America has many beautiful volcanic sights for you to explore. You will get a chance to hike from national parks, jungles and peaks, to finally witness the magnificent Costa Rica. Irazu volcano is said to be the landmark volcanic place of Costa Rica.


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