There are some wonderful remote hotels in the world where you can enjoy the utmost in privacy and solitude. These are some of the best.

1. The Bloomfield lodge: Australia

If you’re in Queensland, Australia, you may want to check into the Bloomfield Lodge. However, to get there, you’ll need to take a flight on a chartered plane, then drive through the famous Australian Outback before taking a cruise down a river. Once there, you’ll be in the Daintree Rainforest, which is close to the Great Barrier Reef. You’ll be able to enjoy swimming in waterfalls, exploring the rainforest, sailing and fishing etc.

2. The Andean Cottage: Peru

This is an excellent hotel for privacy as it offers a private dock and beach and is located on a private island that sits in Lake Titicaca. The island has no electricity, televisions, and autos and you can only reach it by a 4.5 hour boat trip.

3. Kokopelli’s Cave: USA

Just outside of Farmington, New Mexico, you can check into Kokopelli’s Cave. But to do so, you need to climb down a ladder to reach your room as it’s built into a cave some 70 feet under the ground.

4. Jules Undersea Lodge: USA

In Key Largo, Florida, you’ll find the Jules Undersea Lodge where you have to scuba dive down in the water 21 feet to reach the underwater hotel.

5.The Arctic Hotel: Greenland

This is the most northern four-star hotel on the planet. It sits in a fjord and offers all the natural beauty of Greenland. You’ll be able to enjoy snow, sunny vistas, and icebergs and can try spending a night out inside an igloo.

6. The Garvault Hotel: Scotland

This hotel in the Scottish Highlands is situated in the middle of two huge private hunting locations and overlooks the gorgeous Loch Rimsdale. You’ll be able to explore the Highlands, fish for trout and salmon and keep an eye out for rare birds.


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