Amsterdam is the home of fun and interactive activities. Explore the best and unforgettable experience of this city while on your vacation. Blend your experience with Dutch culture and foods while in Amsterdam by doing the following:


1. Enjoy the royal experience at the Palace

It was constructed in 1655 as Amsterdam’s town hall, and in 1808 Napoleon’s brother called Louis turned it into a Royal Palace. Every room here is designed and decorated uniquely. This hall also hosts royal events today.

2. Watching the fantastic classical art from Dutch at the Rijksmuseum

Culture and Entertainment are not enough until you visit the most excellent and number one Rijksmuseum. At the top of a large lawn is a classic building housing the Dutch art and cultures. Enjoy the live paintings and artwork. You will also see historical legends like Rembrandt.

3. Unique Amsterdam experience

The ultimate destination in Europe to get legal high, Amsterdam coffee shops provide a safe environment for locals and tourists to enjoy marijuana or weed. Follow the link to learn about the fascinating coffee shop culture and what you should or shouldn’t do when enjoying a joint.

4. Visiting the Anne Frank House

You have heard of the historical Anne Frank, who hid in a secret annex with her family. She wrote the bestselling diary even though she didn’t survive death from her father No! You will find it yourself.

5. Explore the charming canals in Amsterdam

This city is known for its famous canals. As it banks most on walking, Amsterdam has excellent channels to allow you to explore unique experience on foot. You can also cruise boats at night while here. It is a tranquil place with cafes, hotels, and restaurants to enjoy your dish while here.

6. Enjoy the best chocolate at Puccini

It is a city with endless pleasure. Chocolate at Amsterdam is unique and excellent. The handmade chocolates here are sweet, and you won’t resist filling up the box with your favorite choice.

7. Taste the Dutch cheese

From Edam to Gouda, you will recognize the famous Dutch cheese, which is packaged in all colors and shapes. Cheese lovers will enjoy their experience in Amsterdam. You’ll find many cheese shops everywhere and probably while heading to Noordermarkt on Saturday morning.

8. Visit the Red Light District

You’ve heard about the Red Light District in Amsterdam. It’s a ray of magical display windows’ having red lights on the top instead of mannequins which showcase the latest collection. It gets typically rowdy here at night, and that is also the right time’ to visit.

9. Tasting the street food

I love eating meals on the street as it satisfies my cravings. Amsterdam has plenty of excellent restaurants. You will probably enjoy the street food here. Pieces of herring fish are customarily served along with diced onions with pickles in a bun.

10. Catch sun rays in Vondelpark

While in Amsterdam, and can’t find the best park, you will find yourself following the vast majority of the visitors who will be headed to Vondelpark. It’s the best destination for visitors during the summer Grab a free patch of grass here and enjoy the sun while on your vacation in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is home of most vibrant history on the Earth. While in this city, you will explore unlimited ideas, enjoy endless possibilities, and even choose the most interactive experience for yourself. Discover all these and a million other memories. Enjoy your visit in Amsterdam!!


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