Luggage – this is the most recent target of fashion designers who might have gotten tired of creating dresses and shoes and have found a better way to use their talent.

It is definitely the case of Yohji Yamamoto, a famous fashion designer from Japan who works both in Tokyo and in Paris and who, as we can observe, decided to cover the whole world of sports wear with its ideas of revolutionary shoes and accessories.

The Mobility line launched a few days ago includes a variety of styles (all sizes). One new thing about them is the color; once we got so used to buying sports wear in happy tones, Yamamoto changes it all to the classic black.

Of course, they do not lack practicality and style; the pieces are highly functional, ultra resistant and of course, they are sold for prices that match all those features.

Yohji Yamamoto’s debut took place in Paris, about 20 years ago, and since then his designs for men and women wear became very popular and looked for in Japan. Some exquisite stores in Paris, Antwerp and New York also display parts of his collections. As far as statistics can confirm, Yamamoto pieces were sold for a total of 100 million dollars, in 2007 only.

Source: hypebeast


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