Whether you are going on an adventure or on a cruise, the most essential thing you need to take is a survival kit.

Most adventure enthusiasts agonize over what they should include in their survival kit.

Here are a few things that you can include in a small pack for quick trips:

Knives: Never leave your home without packing this particular tool for your adventures in the forest. It can help you to build shelters, prepare foods and there are countless other tasks that you can perform with knives.

Water purification supplies: Drinking brackish or salty water can cause harm to your health. It is therefore very important to decontaminate and filter water properly. If you carry enough drinking water, it can go a long way to preventing various health problems in your traveling.

First aid kit: Make sure that you include all items that can help you to deal with all kinds of injuries from mild to serious.

Should you have any chronic illness or other health problems, don’t forget to take medications that help you to deal with chronic health issues.

Flash lights: Whether you use them as a back-up for failed electricity or a precaution, flashlights are a great way to attract attention to you at the time of disasters, whether they be rescue teams or friends.


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