An avalanche beacon is fast becoming an essential part of the kit for the adventure lovers. It is well suited to the needs of those who crave for adrenaline pumping action. A must have for those who are into mountain hikes on higher altitudes or like to jump the rope while skiing. An avalanche beacon could prove to be a life saver in times of emergencies.

A good beacon will set you back by a couple of hundred dollars, but what is that compared to the price of your life. Also it is not as expensive as the other gear that you need for your skiing daredevilry. The thing to remember here is that an avalanche beacon is effective only if your fellow adventurers are carrying one that is tuned to yours.

Some well rated avalanche beacons are Pieps Freeride Avalanche Beacon, Ortovox Focus Avalanche Beacon, Ortovox Patroller Avalanche Beacon, Backcountry Access Tracker DTS Beacon and the Mammut Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Beacon.

Back country skiing is not for the weak hearted and only the daring take a ski to it. All the same be careful before you set out for some power adventure. It is always better to explore in groups and stay close. So have you picked your safety gadget … an avalanche beacon?


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