Dubai is one of the most popular and happening travel destinations in the world and has been seeing an increasing number of tourists every year. From the tallest building in the world to the biggest mall, Dubai is a place where there is a lot to see and experience.

From the amalgamation of several cultures to a lot of tourist activity and from the view of the desert to the luxury of the hotels, Dubai offers you a lot. So if you too are planning to go on a trip to Dubai, you must know of the list of essentials that must be carried. Dubai is a hot and tropical land and you must pack accordingly. The following are the top travel essentials for travelling to Dubai:

travel essentials for travelling to dubai


As far as clothing is concerned, you will mostly need to carry lightweight and summer wear clothes as Dubai is hot for most part of the year. Unlike what most believe, you are allowed to wear whatever you like and are not required to cover yourself, except while visiting places of religious sentiments and importance.  For visiting the beach, carry beach clothes, a swimming costume etc. and do not forget to take a few full sleeve shirts/tops and full length pants.

Toiletries and Make Up

It is important to pack toiletries with you, especially if you are going to be staying at a hostel or some other such place. Most hotels provide toiletries and you can avoid basic items like soaps, shampoos, face-washes etc. However it is advisable to pack the smallest packaging’s of these products.There is a lot of scope for nightlife in the city and hence carrying some make up could be a good idea for women. But the most important item is a sunscreen lotion for not just the face but also for the body.

Comfortable Footwear

You may need to go from one place to another using taxi service or the metro but most places such as malls, adventure parks, popular markets etc. would need you to walk quite a lot. Hence it is better to pack comfortable footwear like sport shoes or flip-flops. A pair of heals or formal shoes for places like Burj Al Arab etc. may be required since they require a formal dress code to enter.

Other Essentials

Any trip to Dubai would be incomplete without taking pictures of famous landmarks. Hence don’t forget to carry a camera or a mobile phone with camera facility.  If you have a kid travelling with you, carrying a stroller or pram could be a good idea.

Get your money converted into Dirhams before going to Dubai but in case you aren’t able to do so, there are many exchanges where this can be done.  Don’t forget to carry a city map for travelling from one place to another. Carry light suitcases and handbags to avoid facing the trouble of carrying them around from the airport to the hotel and vice-versa.


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