Road trips are exciting and can be fun with your family as well as friends. However, road trips call for some advance preparations as you cannot be sure of all the essentials on the road ready while traveling. Below given is a checklist that you need to consider while you are venturing a road trip.

road trip

Route Map

When you explore roads and places, it is essential to plan the routes in advance. Carry a good route map which would have things in detail. Also take the help of a guide if you can. Keep the route map handy as you may need it anytime while driving.

Vehicle check up and Spare Parts

Make sure to check your vehicle thoroughly such as engine oil, brake, gas, transmission, power steering, tyres, belts, hoses, air conditioning, electrical systems, battery and various other things, which will ensure safe road trips. When you are away from your place, it gets difficult to get in touch with a mechanic to look after such issues.

Get ID proofs

Keep the important identity proofs such as passport, driver’s license and others always with you as these will help you during any kind of emergency situations. Also check out for your hotel reservation confirmations and the documents needed in the hotel while you will check in.

Keep your Medicines and other Essentials

Along with your regular medicines, keep some emergency pills such as allergy medication, vomiting and motion pills along with you. Also get an insect repellent, sunscreen lotion, toilet paper and other essentials as you do not know when you might need them.

Appropriate Clothing and other Stuff according to Season

It is important that you keep appropriate clothing and other essentials like sunglasses, plastic bags, raincoat, umbrella etc. with you. Depending on the season, carry essentials like scarves, gloves, snow boots and such other things.

Keep Food and Beverages in Stock

Make sure to carry some food items such as snacks, mineral water, instant food, milk powder etc. Also carry some plastic containers, trash bags etc. Water should be well in stock and also keep a water purifier solution in case you need to drink roadside water during emergencies.

Thus to enjoy your road trip without any stress, do not forget to carry the above mentioned essentials Also make sure that you cell phone and camera are completely charged while leaving.

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