India is located near the equator and is one of the hottest places in the world, especially in the summer months. If you live in India, then it might not be too much of a problem for you but those who are travelling to India in summers may face many issue and problems.

Apart from the heat and humidity, there are certain other issues as well which foreigners might have to deal with during their stay in India during the hotter months from April-September.The following are the 5 major issues while travelling to India in summers:

issues while travelling to India in summer



1. Weather

Weather during the summers in India is the number 1 issue for all those who are visiting India in summers.  If you are going to an area near the sea such as the southern parts of the country or Mumbai, then humidity can be a big issue for travelers.

Apart from humidity, almost the entire country is warm during the summer months and those travelling from colder areas seem to face a problem in dealing with the weather. Coastal areas may receive a lot of rain, which can ruin your travel plans. Make sure you pack cotton or other light material clothes and enough pairs of undergarments with you on your trip to this country.

2. Dehydration

Since summer months are hot in India, you will naturally feel very thirsty at all hours. Thus dehydration can prove to be a big problem for foreigners who opt to travel to India during summers. Make sure you keep mineral water close to you at all times and avoid getting dehydrated. Carry an umbrella with you to avoid sun stroke or excessive water shortage.

3. Tanning

Due to excessive overhead heat, you can easily get tanned in this country, especially during the winter months. So tanning is another issue which you are likely to face while you are in India during summers. Make sure you never leave your accommodation without applying thick coat of a sunscreen lotion all over the body. Apart from tanning, many skin infections and skin burns too can affect you and it is advisable to avoid these as much as possible.

4. Diseases and Illnesses

Summer months mean the onset of many diseases for all those who are in India. This happens because many places are likely to receive rain which results in the onset of diseases like malaria, dengue and other insect related problems.  To avoid this, make sure you wear clothes that do not expose your body too much and avoid going to places which are dirty or where puddles of water are formed.

5. Power Cuts

Unless you are staying at a 4 or 5 star hotel, you are most probably going to experience a lot of power cuts in India. A lot of places in this country face electricity failures during summers when the overall load increases. Thus be ready to face this problem if you have set your mind on visiting India during the summers.

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