Travelling with your pet can be stressful especially if it is the first time you are taking your pet on a family trip. With this in mind, here are four tips to make travelling with your pet a stress free experience.

Seek Out Pet Friendly Accommodation

Before you decide on travel arrangements, the first step to planning a vacation with your pet is to find a pet friendly base. Pet friendly cottages are a great choice as they are usually based in a countryside setting giving you and dog plenty of places to explore.

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Practise Makes Perfect

The more you travel with your pet, the easier it will become. If you are nervous about taking your pet on a long journey, doing a practise run can help. For example if you are driving to your destination, don’t wait until the day of departure to familiarise your pet with your chosen method of transport.

Take your pet with you on short journeys and give your pet time to adapt to a different environment. This will not only allow your pet to get used to being with you in the car but it gives you the opportunity to see how he reacts to the experience and think of ways to simplify the process.

Prepare your Pet

Taking your pet to an unfamiliar destination involves a number of risks and as a pet owner; it is your responsibility to prepare for every eventuality. Before you depart, make sure that pet has an identification tag.

Have a tag specially created for your trip and include the address of your holiday accommodation and a telephone number in case your furry friend gets lost while you are away. Pack a few items that your dog is familiar with to make the journey less stressful. A blanket, a favourite toy and a few treats will provide comfort in unfamiliar surroundings.

Make Regular Stops

If you are driving to your destination, make sure that you take regular breaks. Like humans, dogs should be allowed to stretch their legs every few hours and hydrate. Take lots of water with you and a small bowl to make these pit stops simple. Remember, even if you are only popping into a service station for ten minutes, it’s dangerous to leave your dog in a hot car without ventilation.

With a little preparation and a pet friendly place to stay, travelling around the UK with your pet is fun experience for all involved. This article can provide you with additional information you may need to know if you plan to travel further afield.

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