travel insuranceWhen traveling it is not enough merely to take precautions when it comes to medical care, it is essential to be prepared so you can avoid expensive and inferior treatment and it is also often a requirement for entry into certain parts of the world that you have adequate insurance.

Therefore, resorting to various methods to ensure the health beyond our country of residence is a preventive measure that is not an optional extra.

Your insurance is likely to have some coverage at the international level; although it is basic (varying from consultation and / or referral to urgent and emergency) and you do not have great range of travel insurance options often limited to neighbouring or specific destinations.

Travel insurance can be contracted as separate from your social security number, and you can do by yourself or through the travel agency you use.

There are variety of plans and coverage dependent on number of days of your trip, the destination to which you are going and the money you’re willing to spend.

Travel insurance cover is fairly comprehensive, ranging from transportation by ambulance to urgent care or repatriation to your home country.

These items are essential not extras and you should make sure you are offered these as a minimum not as ad-ons.

They can also get some more specific coverage, such as ensuring the accommodation is satisfactory and against any problems with the travel company, in case of transport connections due to flight delays or cancellations, or even the partial refund of the money if you cancel the trip due to force majeure.

The best insurance is to make sure that you are prepared with the correct immunisations, and that you do not accept lesser safety levels for activities and sports especially dangerous sports such as diving.


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