motion sicknessIt is estimated that a third of the population suffers with motion sickness in one way or another.

However, over half suffer in extreme situations such as turbulent flights or stormy seas.

In most cases women suffer from motion sickness more than men do. This can be especially true for women who are pregnant.

Luckily motion sickness is not a permanent condition and it is not dangerous. The symptoms of motion sickness include a feeling of unease, nausea, headache or dizziness.

In some cases you may experience vomiting but this usually offers no relief. The best treatment for motion sickness is prevention. If you feel you may be susceptible to this condition the following tips can help you avoid motion sickness.

Avoid All Possible Triggers

Certain things can become a trigger to developing motion sickness. Try to avoid odors that are unpleasant, stay away from rich delicacies, and limit the number of alcoholic beverages you consume.

You also shouldn’t travel in stuffy or cramped conditions. If you are on a boat you can go on the deck to get some fresh air. However, in an airplane using the overhead air vent can be some relief.

Reading can also trigger motion sickness if you are in a vehicle that is in motion. Instead try watching a movie or listening to earphones for entertainment.

Over The Counter Medications Provide Relief

You can find a number of over the counter medications today that claim to help with motion sickness. Some medicines contain natural herbal remedies while others are made from chemicals.

When using this type of treatment it is best to talk with your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any other medications. As with any medical treatment you have to be concerned about drug interactions.

Patches can offer Relief

There are many different companies that offer motion sickness patches today. These patches work in the same way a nicotine or birth control patch work. You simply place them on your forearm and the medicine is absorbed through the skin.

Motion sickness patches contain ingredients such as scopolamine which is an anticholinergic agent. It works by interrupting the line of communication between your inner ear and the brain which is where the signals that cause motion sickness originate.

Make a Fashion Statement with a Motion Sickness Bracelet

Motion sickness bracelets offer an alternative to taking medications or wearing patches. These bracelets are safe for use by anyone including children. They have no known side effects and do not include any chemicals or drugs.

There are two basic types of bracelets available. You can choose to use one that applies pressure to the underside of the wrist or one that uses magnets. In either case the bracelet works by stopping the signals of nausea from traveling to the brain.

As you can see motion sickness doesn’t have to be something you suffer from. If you are susceptible to this condition treatments are available.

However, you may need to experiment with the different types to see which provides the greatest relief.


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