maineA vacation does not always have to involve traveling to the other end of the planet; there are many wonderful destinations within the United States well worth a visit.

On the east coast in the state of Maine, you will find a place with a population of little over eight hundred residents, called Mattawamkeag.

This particular craggy coastline has numerous small islands, dotted with harbors and lighthouses.

Among them and possibly the most beautiful is the Penobscot Bay with its clear blue sky and even bluer water, a perfect place for those looking to escape from the city and experience the great outdoors.

All the tiny islands are serviced by a network of ferries amongst the puffins and the seals that make their homes here.

Ospreys and the bald eagle can be seen fling majestically through the air towards their nesting sites. Other wildlife that abound include Moose and deer, both can be seen searching for food in the grass.

There are plenty of activities as well as the glorious landscapes and wonderful natural vegetation.

From hiking trails and camping to sailing and fishing, the area has something for everyone. Souvenir shops are plentiful for those that like to browse, both on the highway and in the various little villages in the region.

The railway reached Mattawamkeag well over a century ago; legends abound from the times when the native Americans lived here.

The landscape has hardly changed over the years and if you need to re-energize away from the hustle of life this could be the perfect place to go.


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