Many of us love traveling but most of us are unaware of the benefits traveling provides. We all think traveling gives us pleasure but through a recent survey conducted by The Global Commission on Aging and The Trans america Center for Retirement it is proved that traveling avoids Alzheimer’s disease and helps in living longer.

According to this study, it is found that women who traveled once in six years or a little less have a comparatively higher risks of heart attacks and death, it is most significant that women travel once a year and coming to men, those who don’t take an annual break have 20 and 30 percent more risk of heart attacks and death as compared with men who take an annual break.

Travelers Live Longer: A Myth

Here are some reasons how traveling helps you live longer.

Traveling Helps You Stay Healthy and Happy

According to various surveys, it is proved that almost 86 percent of people stay happy and healthy in comparison with 75 percent of those who don’t travel.

Helps In Building A Strong Immune System

One of the most interesting parts of the various researches is that traveling helps in building up your immune power, while traveling you explore new parts of the world and are exposed to different environments, this helps you in creating antibodies and stronger immune system, also helps in adapting to many viruses and diseases that you come across in your daily life

Improves Brain Power

As you grow up, you may often notices that your brain power starts fading, but most of you are unaware that traveling improves brain power. You take a multiple walking tours and visit many places which gets register in your brain which helps in keeping it active and improving its power and helps improve cognitive and flexibility of the brain.

Develops a Healthy Lifestyle

At times, during your vacations, you might be going to a place where people live in healthier conditions or you may have to walk a few miles to reach the destination this has a very vast impact on your physical health, also you get a chance to note down the various health dishes of the places which implementing your daily routine so that you stay healthier and fit.

Improves Social and Communication Skills

The main benefit of traveling is that you get to improve your communication skills. You may visit areas where your mother tongue or native language is unknown to the people, and then you adapt a different style to communicate with people which improves your communication.

Peace of Mind

Every day, one has to deal with stress and tensions, traveling around the world or traveling to your favorite place forces you to go out of your normal routine and helps you appreciate things around you as you look at them in different perspective.

Broadens Your Horizons

While traveling, you get to connect with people of different states and cultures, which help you in knowing different traditions and lifestyles arises a new thinking in you which will help you in dealing with various issues and day to day problems in different angles.


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