Have you planned for a vacation [vacation planning] or business trip?

If you are traveling by plane, use these simple tips to make your plane ride more pleasant, comfortable and stress-free.

Tips for comfortable and easier flying:

  1. Surf the net or get your travel agent to find the lowest flight prices. Make sure your airport of arrival is close to your destination. Reserve tickets in advance to get comfortable seats.
  2. Book non-stop planes if traveling with kids and your family.
  3. Leave home early to avoid missing the plane.
  4. If it’s a business trip, fly early in the morning to ensure you complete all your tasks in time.
  5. Leave phone numbers of your friends and relatives at the boarding gate. It will help the airline staff to contact them, if an emergency arises.
  6. Compile a list of the entire luggage you are taking.  If you are flying internationally, make sure you don’t exceed the baggage limit, unless you are prepared to pay extra.
  7. When packing, split your bank cards, credit cards, cheques and cash. Pack them in different bags and pockets.
  8. If you are taking infants, pack diapers, a pad to keep your baby on while changing his/her diaper, baby food and other essentials.
  9. Don’t pack razors, needles and penknives in your cabin bag. Rather carry them in your main luggage.
  10. Roll clothes in tissue paper instead of folding them to make more space and avoid wrinkles.
  11. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.
  12. Consult a doctor and take precautions beforehand, if you suffer from ear problems.
  13. Avoid alcohol, as it may lead to an unpleasant hangover on the other side.
  14. Take food and drink, if the airline does not offer a menu.
  15. Carry paper tissues and wet napkins to regularly refresh.
  16. Take books or a music system for entertainment if the plane does not have.
  17. Take regular walks to stretch your legs.
  18. Sit comfortably to avoid neck and back pain.
  19. Wear glasses rather than contact lenses.
  20. Dress light and comfortably to avoid feeling stuffy. Take layers if you feel cold.
  21. Buy a seat for your baby rather than keeping him/her on your lap for a long time.
  22. Ask your child whether s/he feels anxious. Watch your infants carefully.
  23. Sleep as much as you can.
  24. Stick special patches on your luggage to distinguish them from others.
  25. Check your luggage before you leave the airport. If it seems to have been mislaid, notify the airline staff immediately.


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