Are you going on a business trip? Follow these tips to pack your luggage smartly and ensure you look professional.

Packing tips for business travel:

Choosing luggage bag:

  • Choose a luggage bag and briefcase that looks professional.
  • Select a suitcase that contains extendable handles.
  • Choose firm bags, preferably with wheels, which are easy to carry and ensure your luggage is neatly packed.

Dresses and Accessories:

  • List the items you want to pack. Pack travel essentials like business suits, causal wear and underwear.
  • Roll up t-shirts, skirts and ties. Start from the bottom end of the shirt and roll it tightly, leaving the collar unfolded.
  • Roll up jeans by keeping their legs symmetrical.
  • Stuff socks into shoes to save space.
  • Choose ties in dark colors to match all suits. Choose natural fabrics like cotton, wool and silk.
  • If you’re female, take simple metal jewelry for light elegance.
  • Choose neutral colors for mixing and matching instead.
  • Pack a warm jacket. Carry watertight plastic covers if you ought to land up with wet clothes.
  • Pack underwear for each travel day and an extra pair in your handbag.


  • Buy travel-size toiletries and keep them in a waterproof sealable bag.
  • Carry face wash and wet napkins in your shoulder bag. Use a plastic bag with a zip lock.
  • Pack essential make-up items like eye shadow, facial cream and lipstick.

Official things:

  • Pack a briefcase or an official bag for business travel.
  • Pack documents, papers and other essential work materials in your briefcase.
  • Leave enough space for your laptop if you are taking one. Keep your laptop charger and power cables safely inside your bag.
  • Keep a digital camera in your briefcase.
  • Attach a label with your name, address and contact details inside all bags.
  • Don’t keep cash, credit cards and bank cards in your briefcase.
  • Pack an extra battery and outdoor adapters to recharge your mobile and laptop.
  • Write out a schedule and work plan of your business trip and keep it with you.

Carry a travel first-aid box that contains basic medicines for fever, cold and cough, and band-aid. Carry multivitamin tablets in your first-aid box. Check important documents after the packing is over.


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