Today, travel does not mean visiting places on a vacation. To many of the globetrotters, business is the main reason for travel. The current boom in mobile technology, most travelers today are equipped with a mobile device with smart features. Mobile applications are the latest inventions in mobile world where hundreds of applications make life easier to handle. Here are 5 such apps which are considered the best travel apps to have.

Best Mobile Travel Apps

1. Flight Status Messenger App

Google has come up with a simple yet highly effective app called the SMS flight status Information. This specialty app is useful to know if your incoming or outgoing flight has been delayed. The delay is notified through a text message that is delivered to your smart device. It involves registering your flight details on the day it is booked.

On the day of the travel, this device intimates you of any delays announced by the airport authorities. This app is not only useful to the traveler but also to those expecting the arrival – at a meeting, a pick up at the destination or your hotel where you are booked.

2. Restaurants from Yelp and Open Table

This app is for those who almost always find it difficult to trace the right restaurant at the travel destination. Right could mean the right food or the right price or both. Whatever be the reason, Yelp has a solution for your gourmet troubles. The app uses GPS to pinpoint your location and suggest restaurants in your vicinity. You could also use their website to input your location and find the restaurant of your choice.

The app can even provide response to simple queries based on the type of food. It also has a feature called Open Table that allows you to choose the restaurant and book your table. It also gives you a list of restaurants along with the availability of tables. But what it does not do is include reviews and ratings. Even so the app is a great find and serves the purpose.

3. Hot Tickets from Padres

Padres is a great website for sports lovers. It is an application that gives you detailed information on what games are on in which stadium and the availability of tickets for these matches. In addition to checking availabilities the app also helps you book tickets by choosing your seating and you pay online.

Seat Karma is another similar application which brings together re-sellers on its platform. Only you must feel ethical enough to pay the markup price on these tickets.

4. Flight Options from Next Flight

Many frequent fliers are faced with the nightmare of delayed flights and screwed up schedules. The airport staff is not helpful enough in such times. Stranded indefinitely is no longer acceptable.

So here we have a great app called Next flight which gives you the complete listing of flights operating from a destination, and the availability status. Using this information you can ask your agent or thebooking agent at the airport to put you on another flight.

5. Google SMS – Currency Converter, Directions Service and Translation

These three form the indispensable apps for a global traveler. By texting which currency and its denomination you want converted, you receive a response in 5 seconds.  Similarly, the GPS service gives you precise directions from point to point, in complete detail in text format.

Another cool app is the Translation SMS service which helps you translate any sentence into the language required. The response is back to you in 5 seconds, and serves the purpose.


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