If you want to know a country you need to literally taste it! Each country has its own unique cuisine, filled with colors, traditions and modern dishes, adapted to fit its people’s vision upon food. Argentina is one of those magnificent countries where you need to get the taste of the food first, in order to understand the culture. Maybe it is hard to believe, but Buenos Aires is more than beef steaks and to make sure you find your way to the best restaurants in the area you need to know where to look for.

Food Tours

Food tours

Hit the cuisines with a professional guide to make out the most out of your visit to Buenos Aires. A food tour offers an interesting insight into the country’s best wines, steaks and famous dishes like empanadas, choripan, parilla or tapas.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes

Sometimes you begin to enjoy a country so much that you’d wish you could take it back home with you. And by enrolling in a cooking class during your trip to Argentina you can learn how to prepare local dishes directly from the best chefs so you can surprise your friends back home with Buenos Aires dishes.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting

Apart from beef, Argentina’s recent export gem are wines. Malbec is the famous one, but there are lots of other wines expecting for you to taste them during organized events. Hosted by a professional sommelier who will teach you a few things about every wine you get to take a sip of, wine tasting events also include a cheese tasting. You will be guided by a “cheese master”, of course.



To make your trip to Buenos Aires complete you need to experience the parrilla eating style. Actually parrilla means steakhouse and they serve freshly grilled beef and pork in a casual, familiar atmosphere. Parrillas also serve other meat specialties like chorizo and morcilla, so don’t forget to ask for a plate of that too.


Puertas cerradas

Closed-door meals are a new expanding trend in Buenos Aires. A reputable chef cooks for a small number of people. These events are great to socialize with other travelers, get to know the local cuisine directly from a chef (or an amateur cook with great talent) and get a feel of the inside living from Buenos Aires homes. All these come at a very affordable cost, but you will need to book your place in advance. These events are advertised by word of mouth so keep your ears open for specific street talk.

Here are only five ways to explore the rich Argentinian cuisine, meet locals and hear their stories, but there are hundreds of other original methods to meet the core of Argentina. If you take time to explore the local food trends you are sure to have a memorable trip.

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