Before you start unpacking your stuff and luggageout in a hotel bedroom or in a guesthouse, make sure you avoid encountering the hotel bed bugs. Bedbugs are the most common problem faced by travelers and these little pesky critters can really make your hotel stay uncomfortable.

Moreover, if they happen to follow you home, it will be an expensive affair to get rid of them and the problems that they create. Hence, follow the given 7 amazing tips to avoid hotel bedbugs:

avoid hotel bed bugs1. As soon as you enter the hotel bedroom, the first thing that you must do is take your luggage to the bathroom for a little while. Bed bugs are unlikely to be present in the bathrooms and until you have made sure that they are not there, do not get your luggage out.

2. Checking the bed must be your next step. You will have to check for bedbug infestation and this can be done by pulling the linen and the pillows and checking for small block dots or blood stains. Bedbugs are the size of apple seeds and are mostly found in the corners of the bed.

3. Next step is to check the room for these little creatures. These bedbugs can be found near the telephone, the photo frames, and the cushions on the sofa or other such places. If you find any, make sure you contact the hotel staff and inform them about the same.

4. Keep your luggage off the ground after doing your inspection work. If you leave your luggage on the floor, then the bedbugs might enter your suitcase and follow you home. Always keep your bags on the allotted space or on the dressers.

5. Wraps your suitcases in plastic to avoid bringing home bedbugs. This is a method of extra protection for those who are really wary of these creatures. This will protect your belongings and keep them safe.

6. If you suspect bed bug infestation, then make sure you ask the hotel authorities to change your room. It is advisable to move two floors up as chances are that bugs will not be present at a greater height.

7. Another way to avoid bed bugs during your trip is to look for bed bug bite marks. If you see a line shaped pattern anywhere on your skin, then this might be a sign that you have been ‘bugged’.

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