While going on long trips by car, the journey might be filled with lovely scenic beauty and a lot of excitement, but if you are going out with your tiny ones in a car for a long time, then it becomes a challenging journey too.

Keeping kids engaged during a long car journey is a daunting task and requires careful pre planning and arrangements. The trick is to keep the kids busy in various activities so that they do not become bored and cranky.

Here are a few activities to keep your tiny ones occupied during the long and tedious car journey.

keep your kids happy and entertained during long car tripsDrawing Time

Packsome crayons and other colours in a box and provide these to your kid on the journey along with a few colouring books. Let the creative side of your child take away his boredom of the long ride.

Carry Laptop

Take a laptop and some games CDs with you to keep the children occupied in the journey. You can also carry a few movie DVDs for the children. Make sure that the movies are to their liking.

Let them enjoy themselves with games and movies during the journey. However make sure that the children do not watch the screen for a long time. Instead let them colour a bit before you let them watch the movies or play the games.

Play Music

Play some songs in the car and sing along with your little ones with actions to go with it. The children will enjoy the melody and the time with you.

Munching Snacks

It is always good to carry snacks with you on long journeys. Also carry some drinks with you in an ice box preferably if your journey is during summers. However see to it that the children do not overeat as it is very easy to forget where to stop and they eat more than they can digest.

Be careful of this as you might end up cleaning their puke from the car seats. Carry some plastic bags just in case the children might get sick in the car.

Keep them Engaged

Make it easy for the children to spend the time in the car by announcing new activities every hour. Tell them that they can expect new things every hour. This could include fun games, puzzles, food, songs, movies, games on the laptop or simply a surprise gift wrapped up in gift wrap paper that the children would love to open and enjoy.

Allow Photography

Let your children be in charge of taking photographs during the trip. Provide an inexpensive digital camera or even a disposable one for them to capture all through their eyes.

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