For anyone who likes to travel, camping allows the perfect opportunity to sleep and eat under the stars. Additionally, few accept it as an opportunity to try clever, practical hacks to take their next experience around the campfires to an altogether different level. Make your life easier by following these tips from pros like Louis Habash.

camping hacks


Bugs are probably the worst part that you need to keep up with on this trip. So will you be spending much on chemical sprays to make the site bug-free? But then what about allergies? Tossing sage into the campfire makes things easier by both repelling the bugs and mosquitoes as well as releasing a nice aroma to enjoy.

One alternative is to sprinkle grits around where you see ants crawling while others still prefer using Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil to keep the bugs as well as the smell of bug repellents at bay.

Duct Tape

One can never be too prepared for accidents. Even a small, wide cut can be dangerous if it doesn’t get the required medical attention instantly. Same is the case with broken or sprained arm. A duct tape should be part of your first-aid kit; for emergencies on a camping trip, you can simply wrap the tape around the water bottle. Place a strip of duct tape for cuts or wrap it over the toilet paper you’ve covered your arm with until you are able to access professional treatment.

Moreover, you may turn it into a keepsake bracelet for your kids. Just remember to have the sticky side out and see them make it an adorable souvenir by sticking things of their choice – flowers, leaves, tiny pebbles, etc.

Lanterns and Fires

The fact that there isn’t going to be a power outlet onsite doesn’t mean you will be spending time in dark. Did you think of strapping your headlamps to an empty milk or water jug for a makeshift lantern? Genius, right? Or depending on your options, you can use oil-based tuna cans with small candle for the same purpose. Then again, cardboard coupled with wax and an Altoids case is a great idea when you need fire to survive.

Other quick hacks include keeping some sandpaper (glued to a lid of the tuppwerware box) handy to light matches or using corn chips like Doritos or Fritos to start a fire when you’re having trouble lighting one. Circular cotton pads that are dipped in wax or a cotton ball, coated with Vaseline and wrapped with aluminum foil, to be twisted as wick and light are ideal firestarters too.

Food Essentials

Keeping your eggs in a water bottle; wrap the meat in cabbage; store ingredients in Tic-Tac boxes; pre-make and freeze pancake batter in plastic bags; and make coffee-bags by putting coffee in coffee filter and tying them up with dental floss. This will save you not only from endless worrying but also from having to live without your favorite food every day. Also know that you can cook literally anything in foil.

Like Louis Habash is of the opinion, your camping trip need not be a rough one. What tricks do you intend to practice on your next outdoor project?


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