It is very important for all of us to keep our surroundings clean and follow cleanliness practices to keep our neighborhood, city and country clean.

While some nations take cleanliness casually, others may go an extra mile to ensure that citizens follow cleanliness rules and do not cause any kind of litter in their surroundings.  This variation between the abilities of countries to keep themselves clean has led to the formation of the list of the top 10 cleanest countries. Below given is the list in the descending order:

10. Singapore


Singapore comes at the 10th position in this list and is one country, which inspite of being such a popular tourist place is spot-on clean and hygienic. Residents here are very careful about keeping their surroundings tidy and this has resulted in it being on this list.

9. Cuba


On the 9th position of this list is Cuba which inspite of being an underdeveloped country, has managed to keep itself extremely clean and tidy.  The public health figures are also good due to this reason.

8. Austria


Austria is a landlocked country which is why it remains very clean throughout the year.  It has also managed to stay clean and safe from the oceanic waste and for this, this nation deserves special mention.

7. France


In spite of large number of tourists visiting this country every year, France too is one of the cleanest nations in the world and is also one with a clean and neat environment.  It has high rank of air and water quality as well.

6. Costa Rica

costa rica

Costa Rica is present on this list because it has a beautiful terrain and rich wildlife, people here is extra cautious of maintaining its beauty and keeping it clean.

5. Mauritius


With a population of only 1.3 Million people, Mauritius too falls on this list on the 5th spot. The population of the country makes extra efforts to keep itself and its surroundings clean and this is why, this nation has high quality of air as well.

4. Norway


For nature and environment lovers, Norway is a paradise. Not only is it among the cleanest countries but is high on quality of water and air as well. This country makes use of many natural resources and thus does not cause much pollution too.

3. Switzerland


Anyone who has set foot in Switzerland will be able to tell you how clean and fresh this country is. From clean water to beautiful landscape and from tidy roads to clean air, this nation is definitely a winner in terms of cleanliness.

2. Sweden


This country has paid special attention to maintain high cleanliness levels and has focussed a lot on growing greenery to promote clean and fresh air as well. It is thus the 2nd cleanest nation in the world.

1. Iceland


The amount of air pollution in this country is the lowest in the world and this is a proof why Iceland is the cleanest country in the world.


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