female harassmentFemale travelers are the most often victims of sexual harassment and assaults. It can happen in hotels, hostels and it is often happening while traveling abroad or on places that are insecure.

In case you are female and you enjoy traveling alone we advise you to look at this anti-sexual harassment measures.

First and very important is to get your safe place and to see what others say about your destination or hotel. In case you became victim of harassment, preserve all evidences. Don’t bathe, douche and seek help immediately.

Call doctor, police or the closest embassy. In case you are in a different country, the embassy provides all the help you need- medical, legal aid and counseling services.

Don’t give up on reporting the crime. It is always a way to protect other women from sexual harassment.

Contact your family and friends to help you. The most important issue of being victim of sexual harassment is to seek help after the incident. You need to visit therapist to require professional help.


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