travel planningSafety and security are oftentimes the last thing on our mind when we are thinking of a vacation or planning to travel.[Vacation planning]

Safety can mean everything from your personal safety to the safety of your party and belongings. Security can mean the security of your money, wallet and belongings as well as the security of your person.

In regards to the safety and security of your money, wallet and belongings there are travel supplies such as the fanny pack which can keep all your belongings close to you and on your person.

The arm pocket is a band that wraps around your arm and can hold your money, identification and any other documentation you need to keep on you.

One of the newest in travel supplies is the money belt. This gadget is a belt that actually wraps around your waist and cinches like a regular belt however on the inside there is a pocket for money and identification.

The pocket on the inside is next to your body and zips for extra protection. The undercover leg stash is a great new contraption that hooks onto the leg inside the pants. The undercover leg stash usually comes with elasticized Velcro straps and is resilient to sweat which makes for more comfort.

In regards to personal safety you will need to check on the rules and regulations for wherever you are traveling. You may consider traveling with pepper spray if you are traveling in the states by car or train.

There is also something that you can purchase that sets off an alarm when you pull the cord out. This sits on your belt or pants like a pager and has a cord on the top. When you feel threatened or are being mugged or attacked you pull this cord and a shrieking alarm will sound. The sound will most definitely scare off any attacker.

You can also use the panic button on your car or rental vehicle if you are using a rental vehicle. Usually when an attacker hears a panic button they know a great mass of attention will be drawn to them and they will stop their actions.

Ever heard of a door stop alarm? This is a great gadget that you set on the floor between the bottom of the door and no one will be able to get past it.


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