Sitting in an airport or being stuck there while you wait for a delayed flight can be an irritating and boring experience for anyone.

Here are a few things which you can do to kill extra time at the airport while you wait.

1. Bring your laptop

If you have a laptop, you’ll certainly take it with you. Most airports have wireless internet, which you can use while you are waiting to board a flight.

This way you can not only catch up on your work, but also keep in touch with friends and relatives by sending emails.

2. Go for a walk

If you are stuck in a big airport, you have more opportunities to kill time. Besides a wide selection of stores, where you can spend time shopping, you can also take in a few interesting sights on the way as well.

3. Read magazine

Numerous magazines and books are sold in almost all airports, which provide a way for you to learn something new in your spare time.

4. Carry iPods and DVDs

IPods and DVDs can really help you to pass the time. They are usually small and are easy to carry and occupy you while you wait.


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