We all know why everyone loves Las Vegas! Its city life, energetic crowd, flashy casinos, and the freedom to do almost anything in the world make it one of the most happening cities in the world. The fact that there are so many things one can do while in Vegas that you will never feel bored or out of any entertaining activity—and you’d be surprised to know that quite a number of these activities are free.

Well, when we said ‘free’, we do not completely ignore the importance of one major requirement—the mood. When you do all these activities in the right mood, your amusement will be beyond compare, and that will be the real beginning of your life in Vegas.

Now that you have already guessed what we are going to talk about, we should commence. Here are 9 free things—yeah, totally free—you can do in Las Vegas.

9 Free things to do Las Vegas

1. Stare back at other people’s money

In Las Vegas, there is a place where you get to stare at someone else’s money as long as you want, and no one will bother you with a moral outrage. The world’s largest golden nugget is situated in Las Vegas, and that is where you should be heading.

The Golden Nugget was discovered in Australia in the year 1980 and later sold off to the casino for a million dollars. The Hand of Faith can be found in the Gold Tower Hotel where staring back at it is considered quite natural!

  1. Free Chocolate!

If it is free chocolate, we should not bother ourselves with details: just pack up your bags and fly off to Las Vegas to get what the entire world loves for free.

Ethel M is a famous local chocolatier who can be found sitting in one of the world’s largest botanical cactus gardens, and with him, you can take factory tours. Well, while you are touring the factory, you will get to eat free samples.

Yes, fresh from the factory and delicious as ever—life could not be better for those with a sweet tooth!

  1. Savour the art

Las Vegas features many incredible public artworks, especially on the campus of City Center. The works include that of Nancy Rubin, Coosie van Bruggen, and ClaesOldenburg. You can find James Turrell’sShades of Color installed within the premises of Crystals, the high profile mall of CityCenter.

The famous Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is home to many free arts such as the Wallworks, which are essentially murals made by artists such as Shepard Fairey and Kenny Scharf and can be found on the walls of the parking garage.

If that is not enough, you can take a stroll to P3 Studio which hosts artists from Shelter Serra to Fab 65 Freddy and participates in various activities.

  1. The Soothsayer is nigh

Well, why not? Las Vegas is a place where people from all across the globe come to experiment with their luck and gamble with their money; so it is not surprising to hear that the city hosts a soothsayer.

The soothsayer, a chrome Lucky Cat, is based at the Cosmopolitan which gives away free fortunes to those people who put their hand onto his paw. The giveaways vary from free drinks to cookie messages; sometimes, you might end up getting room nights.

Here everything is about how lucky you are!

  1. The Volcano

Volcanic eruptions are not cool; those are one such free giveaways of nature we truly hate and beg the Nature to stop messing around. However, in Las Vegas, you would want to see volcanic eruptions because here everything is cool.

Situated in front of the Mirage, there is installed a volcano which spews out flame shooters, a catchy soundtrack, and lighting and water effects. It is all complimentary for the public, but you should know the time schedule in order to enjoy its mastery.

The volcano eruptions commence from 5 PM every night in an interval of 30 minutes and last until 11 PM.

  1. A tour to the Fremont East Entertainment District

You cannot get back to Hotel in Las Vegas before the nightlife begins—if you do, you should not be here in Las Vegas in the first place.

When it is dark, you should take a tour to the famous Fremont East Entertainment District. There you can find well-maintained vintage neon lights such as that of the popular horseback rider at the Hacienda Hotel as well as the martini glass and the red slipper.

  1. The waterfall

Who says only nature can create the best of waterfalls? In Las Vegas, you will find one waterfall as pretty and arresting as a natural one, and you get to experience its incredibility for free.

The Waterfall atrium located at Palazzo consists of a two-storeyed waterfall embellished with seasonal flowers. You will find it immediately at the Grand Canal Shoppes’ entrance.

There is no way you will be able to comprehend the stunning elegance with which the waterfall does its magic!

  1. Mind-boggling circus stunts

The largest permanent circus in the world, Circus-Circus, operates in Las Vegas. It is not cheap to get into the circus and enjoy its amusements, but you can get high above on the casino floor and witness challenging stunts by acrobats and unicyclists for half an hour. So, you get to see all that without shelling out a single penny.

Every weekend, at around 7 PM, the city is lit with a massive parade of acrobats and dancers donning shiny but fabulous attires and dancing gorgeously down the streets of the city—this is easier and kind of a better alternative than the one stated above.

  1. Free Drinks!?

We cannot fool you with this—there is no place in Vegas where drinks are free, but there are places where they are super cheap and might make you feel like you are paying nothing in comparison.

Go to older casinos such as The D and Golden Nugget where you get to drink at cheap rates. Despite all the perks, do not forget the pay the tip!


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