Traveling can be a total bliss as you only pack a few essentials and hit the road with high speed. But this turns into a wonderful experience when children come along. Traveling with children can be hard and messy, but it is all worth the hassle when you see a big smile on those tiny faces.

Queensland Capricorn Coast is a great place to spend a few weeks with your family, admiring the ocean line or running along with the kids on the beach.

Queensland Capricorn Coast

Things to See Before you Reach the Destination

Before you reach the Northern area of the Capricorn Coast you can wander in the Everglades swamps and watch the wildlife unveiling itself under the boat’s glass-floor. Tea Trey Bay will be great for the children as you can all watch the koalas in their own habitat. Fraser’s Island, which can be reached by barge, is the perfect pirate’s adventure story-land for the little ones.

History in Real Time

Traveling with your kids can be a good opportunity for the whole family to learn something about the The Town, where Captain Cook first landed in 1770 is a great real-life piece of history.

For more adventurous parents and offspring, there is a perfect camping spot where parents can learn surfing and children can walk bare-foot in swallow clear waters, admiring the fish. They might even try to catch a couple.

A sunset ferry or amphibious vehicle ride is just what the family needs to end the day in style.

Children-Friendly Locations

Along the Capricorn Coast there are some children-friendly spots to visit. If your little ones enjoy ghost stories you can spend the night in one of the many haunted hotels which offer huge delicious steaks. Crocodile spotting is a national hobby in those parts, so be aware around rivers and swamps.

Local events almost always feature hot-rodeo spectacles, which are sure to keep a child entertained for hours to come.

Aussie Cuisine, Pools and Tips

Traveling to Queensland Capricorn Coast with your children can mean a slow trip as there are many stops to be made for the little ones, so consider renting a car. Other means of transportation may not be fit your need because the kids need stopping times and snack times.

The local cuisine offers many delicious bites, for both grown-ups and children. There are lots of tropical fruits available, which kids will adore, strange kinds of meat, Macadamia nuts, cashews and some ice-cold beer for dads.

As there are stinging jellyfish around the shores, you will find plenty of pools to cool down from the road. Packed with cold refreshments and lifeguards, the pool can offer a good playground for any child.


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