tween flyingIs your teen flying alone? If you are worried about your child flying alone, then you would feel comfortable to some extent to know the fact that millions of children are flying safely alone everyday.

So, don’t worry about your teen, instead try to check these important safety measures.

Essential safety measures

Ensure that you talk to the airline authority or the person in charge about your teen flying alone. Few days prior to your child flight schedule, ensure that your child is in system and he can take proper care of himself on the flight.

Ensure that your child knows the rule of unaccompanied minors and that he is aware of the expectations that await him.

Most of the airlines keep track of children who are flying alone like when they last get off the plane and help children to avoid confusion.

Although you can’t help emergencies at times, ensure that you make good booking choices and avoid last minute bookings. [Cheap air travel]

Arrive early, at least 90 minutes prior to the flight departure time to the airport. This will help your teen to get adjusted to the plane before boarding time.

Provide some carry-on items like games or favorite toys for your teen that could make him feel comfortable during the flight.


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