Most people associate Las Vegas with the glittering strip and famous hotels and casinos.

In recent years, City of Las Vegas has undergone a change to welcome families as well as high rollers.

There is plenty to do with the children when in Vegas if you know where to look.

Adventure Canyon at Buffalo Bill’s

Adventure Canyon at Buffalo Bill’s seems at first glance a typical ride on a log. What makes it stand out from the rest of the pack is that is the very first interactive ride log in the world.

It is a 35 foot drop filled with dripping water just like a basic flume ride. Once you splash down, that is when the fun really begins as you can take part in a shooting gallery that is electronic.

You will be given pistols when you begin the ride. You get to float through Wild West scenes that include miners, outlaws and desperados.

Targets are illuminated in order to mark the spot you need to shoot at and you will be surprised when you see that some of these unsavory characters shoot back at you.


Adventuredome has an exterior that is painted pink and can be found at Circus. Adventuredome is a place that is filled with thrills, chills and action. It lies beneath a 5 ½ acre encasement made of glass and there is something for everyone, both young and old.

The Sling Shot is one of Adventuredome’s most thrilling rides. Once on the ride you shoot at 4 Gs towards the ceiling and coming back down is at -1 G. It is a ride that is fast and packs a punch that is quite powerful.

Adventuredome has rides such as Disk’O, Canyon Blaster, Chaos and the Inverter. Your visit to Adventuredome will be just that; an adventure in fun.

Silverton Hotel’s Aquarium

If you have had enough thrills and chills, perhaps a visit to the Aquarium at the Silverton Hotel will inform and entertain. Every afternoon and evening from Thursday to Sunday there are women that are dressed like mermaids and swim along with the four thousand tropical fish.

There are 3 species of both sharks and stingrays. The tank is curved and made of acrylic holding 117,000 gallons of water. The fish don’t seem to mind the guests oohing and aahing, they just seem to swim unaffected by the crowds and go about their business.


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