luxury vacationEvery vacationer would like to travel for less. Who wouldn’t want to take a luxury vacation at a discounted price?

There are so many ways to save money while traveling and so many luxurious places to choose from.

Off Season

One thing that you can do to get a better deal on luxury vacation accommodations is to travel in the off season.

Travel is slower at that time. Beaches and resorts aren’t so crowded and you can really enjoy yourself and get a great deal.

Flying also will be a lot cheaper during the off season. You can often save hundreds on well known destinations such as Europe, the Caribbean, Paris, and the emerald isle of Ireland.

For a spring vacation you may want to travel in April, May or the first of June. Great times to travel in the fall would be September and the beginning of October.


The internet is a good source for luxury vacations at reasonable prices. You can find several luxury hotels in fantastic locations that offer discounted luxury packages.

There are also sites that will quote you a nightly stay at a luxury hotel. Why not stay in New York in a wonderful hotel starting at $119 per night?

If Las Vegas is your vacation destination then you can stay at a luxury hotel with casino for as little as $89. In Las Vegas price will vary depending whether you want to be on the strip or off the strip. [Las Vegas Vacation]

London, England would be an awesome place for vacation. While there you can stay in a 4 star hotel for as little as $69 off season and $102 in season. Many hotels offer great amenities such as a fitness center, restaurant, high speed internet, a business center, spa, pool, and golf nearby.

Coupons and Codes

Another great way to save on luxury travel is to go online to services that provide online coupons and online codes. You will find luxury hotels on these sites such as the Hyatt and Hilton. They also offer codes for Beaches and Sandals resorts among many others.

Condos and Villa codes are also available for your staying pleasure. Once on the site you can click onto any hotel, resort, villa, or condo that you prefer and your discounts will be waiting for you.

Luxury Airfare

Discounted luxury airfare is not hard to find. Check with the airlines or a travel agent and ask for a Y-up. Y- up deals are first class tickets that you can buy at discounted rates. These tickets can be available when you can’t book a coach ticket.

You can chalk up frequent flyer miles with Y-up tickets and there are no requirements in advance. The help of a travel agent professional is always a good idea.

Travel agents keep up to date on luxury hotels and airfare savings. They do charge a fee but sometimes it is worth it to get such a good deal.

Traveling in luxury always makes for a better vacation. Why travel economy when luxury can be had at the same price or cheaper?


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