tahitiMany would consider that Tahiti is an island paradise and local customs add to it being an idyllic destination for those that can afford it.

With year round warm seas, it is a place that is a haven for divers.

Although there are heavy rains in the mountainous region of Tahiti everywhere else, the weather is consistently sunny.

As a result, there is much beautiful fauna to be found here in the South Pacific. Flowers play an important role in local traditions, one of which is to greet visitors with a bloom carefully placed behind the left ear.

As one of the biggest French Polynesian islands, Tahiti has lots to offer the world traveler, from shark feeding and looking out for the whale population to all manors of water sports. The clear water that surrounds Tahiti means that all the abundant sea life is visible and provides a very relaxing pastime for visitors.

Breathtaking scenery, including the lush rain forests and many species of animals, are seen when wandering happily amongst this, rich green land. There are varied festivals held throughout the year on the island and also many old relics of ancient civilizations.

Tahiti is closer than you may imagine with traveling time as little as seven hours from Los Angeles. It was found by explorers from Spain but they chose not to leave their mark and moved on to more lucrative destinations.

The capital is Papeete and a visit here is often a good way to start the vacation experience. Wherever your journey takes you be sure to leave with a flower in your hair.


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