Solo travel can be an adventure in itself and it can be wonderfully relaxing time to just be by yourself. You don’t have to take into consideration what others with you (friends or family) want to do, you can keep your own times, and please yourself in any way you want. The following are great options for when you want to head out on your own:

Head out to an exclusive resort: Often you can get attractive packages for even the best of resorts. Here you can chill out on a beach, take in the local cuisine, enjoy the plush amenities of the hotel and if there is a spa, you can let yourself be pampered and cosseted. You may just return from your holiday revitalized and rejuvenated!

Adventure Sport: Bungee jumping, white water rafting, hiking, kayaking, sailing, rappelling, glacier visit; there are endless possibilities and they can all be exhilarating experiences. You need not be scared about not having done it before.

Most of these activities have different levels of experience and expertise and you can choose the appropriate one. And who knows what good friends you may pick up in the bargain?

Visiting Cultural or Heritage locations: Imagine a visit to Rome by yourself where you have the chance to explore the beautiful lanes and by lanes of an ancient land on your own, with no one to slow you down or telling you what they would rather do.

You can visit all the art galleries and museums that interest you or none at all, if you are not inclined! You can take cultural walks in historic cities, sample local cuisine and soak in the markets all at your leisure and at your own pace. The pubs and night spots may be another interesting option for people traveling solo.

You can even indulge your creative side; taking photos, making sketches of beautiful scenes and historic buildings and hanging out with creative people wherever you go.

If there was a book you read long ago set in a particular city, you could follow in the footsteps of the characters in it too!

Volunteer Vacations: If you are the sort who would like to help with conservation and have an interest in wild life, you can sign up to work with scientists in this field.

It could be chimpanzees in Africa or Ridley’s turtles along the coast. It you don’t mind roughing it a bit, this could be a rewarding and educative experience.



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