It is already summer and the vacation is near. In case you haven’t decide your destination yet, go for a lavish summer break and choose the Misool Eco Resort, founded on private island in Southern Raja Ampat.

This exotic resort is offering anything you will need in your vacation. The eco- friendly buildings, the stunning views of the sea and the environment are the basic reasons why you should visit this piece of paradise.

The island of Batbitim is something you surely will enjoy, for it is a pure untouched territory. The resort is offering eight suites with all kind of extras. As for the activities on the island, you can go diving and snorkeling.

The flora and fauna on this area are something you have never seen and the walks can be an amazing adventure, especially in the early mornings. The private beaches with white sands and blue water are just waiting you to enjoy the sun at this island.

The local party life is also an invitation for a journey, which has no equivalent, when it comes to summer vacations. In case you want a green vacation, the eco resort is also offering green suites and food, sustainably made towels and recyclable extras.


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