sustainable green travelWorldwide travel keeps many countries financially solvent and often it is the poorest nations that benefit the most.

However, all this comes at a price and that is the damage that is caused to the natural environment.

Eco-tourism is a growing part of this lucrative industry and aims to educate citizens to appreciate the frailty of the world’s resources and to show how these can be protected.

New tour companies are utilizing local knowledge and industries to create alternative vacations that are much greener for mankind.

Strangely individuals that meticulously re-cycle when at home, seem to abandon all sensitivities when in a different climate. More could be done by hotels and tourist attractions, to make this an easier option for the caring traveler.

Destinations on the eco trail include naturally plentiful landscapes and places, which remain almost untouched by civilization. Local populations are often targeted in a positive way and when it’s done with sensibility eco tourism has a lot to offer.

Most of the so called sustainable travel on offer is not much more than an ad campaign so be sure to check out everything about the vacation before paying out good money. Just like every new thing, many companies just like to jump on the bandwagon.

The key to eco tourism is the individual who must continue to consider the environment around him or her wherever that might take them. By setting an example, others will follow and the world including nature’s beauty spots will be a better place.


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