Spring break is usually the best time for a family vacation. In case you want to stay in the U.S., there are several trips, which will surprise you with fun and good experience.

One of those places is Hershey, Pennsylvania. The town of the famous chocolate factory is actually extremely popular for family’s journeys and offers theme parks, zoos, spa clubs with amazing chocolate treatments and luxury hotels.

In case you want more fun near the beach, just go Monterey Bay, California. Monterey Bay has always been popular, but nowadays is super desirable; because of its attractions such as Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row.

Another reason to visit Monterey in the spring break is the whale-watching times and tours with a special charter boat.

Colorado and Aspen are also perfect for your spring break. The famous mountain resort is one of those places, which you need to visit at least once in your life.

Here the outdoor activities are thousands, but the ski adventure remains the major reason to visit Aspen. There are of course the most fashionable restaurants and shopping areas, as well as beautiful views and amazing clubs.

Florida is also a preferable destination for the spring break. Orlando and its non-stop parties is the reason why so many people are choosing to spend their vacation in this place.


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