San Francisco is a town that doesn’t need a reason to be visited, but we are suggesting you to follow the movies, made on the streets of this fabulous town.

In case you think San Francisco doesn’t have a movie history, you are wrong. Exactly here were made the biggest movie hits in the history – Titanic, Pretty Woman and many more. In case you like Titanic and really want to see some of the landmarks from the movie, go for San Francisco.

war memorial opera house at san francisco(Image Source Roman Eye )

The steamy scene with Kate and Leo in the engine room was actually taken in the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien in San Francisco.

Mrs. Doubtfire is also another movie hit that was filmed in San Francisco’s landmark. Actually the family house from the movie was shot in the town and it is located at 2640 Steiner Street.

For all movie lovers, there is one bespoke place to visit – the opera, in which Julia Roberts cried accompanied by Richard Gere in the movie “Pretty Woman”.

The scene was filmed at the War Memorial Opera House at San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center. You can still watch the opera “La traviata” in the same atmosphere, where the scene was taken.


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