There are a lot of people who have already heard about timeshare rental.

If you are also interested in the matter you should know that it is always better to own than to rent.

However there are some people who aren’t ready to make a commitment of that kind, and so renting is the right solution for them.


The first thing you have to make sure of if you have an estate that you can rent. In some cases this is forbidden by the contract. Also look for the associated obligations and fees.


The second step that you have to take is to set the price. It is also good to learn about the competition. Find information about what the other rentals have to offer and also their price.

It is better to avoid setting the price without any previous information. This way you can be sure that your price is competitive.


The sooner you start to advertise, the better. Those who rent usually make plans in advance. The best thing you could do is to start the advertising about 3 months before the timeshare becomes available.

In the same time you will have better results if you start advertising 6-12 months in advance.

No expensive advertisement

You don’t have to break the bank with the advertisement. There are many different options for this purpose that are relatively cheap. The first thing you should try to is post to free services. Start at Also list the rental on and be really careful about the advertising that you pay for. Naturally the offline methods could also work, such as word of mouth.

If you’re finding that you’re not attracting enough interest on your own, look for highly trusted timeshare resale and rental advertising companies that can help you like

Don’t get desperate

If you do get desperate you could make some mistakes with the renters that you accept. You don’t need 15 students in a 3 bedroom unit. You will end up having more problems than you imagined. Make sure that the property isn’t at the risk of damages.

Weeks instead of days

You should rent the timeshare for weeks instead of days. It may be tempting to offer the place for a couple of days, but it isn’t really worth it. This is because you can deal with one single renter easier than with several different renters.

If this sounds like a lot to worry about each year and you don’t feel like keeping up with it, you can also sell your timeshare to someone else to enjoy it.  Your vacation should always be fun and enjoyable so don’t hold on to something that’s more work than it’s worth.


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