There are definitely some places around the world that come with some odd names attached to them.

These are some of the destinations you’ll find with the strangest names.

1. Disappointment, Kentucky, USA

You could be disappointed if you wind up in Disappointment, Kentucky. It’s not actually a town, but more of an area that’s surrounded by the beautiful forested hills of southern Kentucky. There’s not really much to explore, in Disappointment Knox County, and perhaps that’s how it got its name.

Why-Arizona-USA2. Why, Arizona, USA

Why is a tiny, rural Arizona community with another strange name. The community sits where state highways 86 and 86 meet with each other at a Y-shaped intersection.

 The village founders then decided to call the place Why. They couldn’t just call it Y, since the law in Arizona states that all communities must have a minimum of three letters in their names.

It’s a charming little spot in Pima county, not far from the Mexican border. The dry desert scenery is great and the Organ Pipe National Monument, which is a UNESCO biosphere region, is nearby.

3. Pity Me, Durham, England

The small and lovely town of Pity Me is located in England’s County Durham, close to the magnificent city of Durham, which features a work-famous university, castle, and Norman cathedral. In fact, Harry potter fans may know the cathedral as Hogwarts. Nobody’s exactly sure how the town got its name. However, some feel it was translated from the French ‘petit mer.’ Others think it was named after a boggy wasteland known as Pithead.

4. No Name, Colorado, USA

There’s been a horse with no name and a man with no name, now we have a town named No Name. The name might have been joke at the time, but nobody’s sure. Rumors have it that the state’stransportation department placed a sign on Interstate 70 to let people know about a small unnamed village. One of the residents wrote No Name on top of the exit sign and the name just happened to stick, even though the local government tried to change it. .

5. Hell, Michigan, USA

I’m sure this isn’t the only Hell in the world, but it might be the most famous in the USA. It’s located in Michigan’s Livingston County and the small, charming town isn’t shy about cashing in on its odd name. Again, nobody knows for sure how the town got its name, but you’ll find plenty of souvenirs, merchandise, and t-shirts for sale here to celebrate it.

6. Failsworth, Oldham, Manchester, England

This town is located in Oldham, which lies in the Greater Manchester area of England. It’s been the hometown of several famous people, such as politicians, a supermodel, and athletes. It was an important location during the Industrial Revolution, and you can still see the fabulous Victorian architecture there today.

7. Embarrass, Minnesota, USA

This Minnesota Township lies in St. Louis County. The name comes from the French word embarrass, which actually means to hinder with difficulties or obstacles. Many years ago French fur traders found it quite hard to navigate the local landscape by canoe and decided to name the local river Embarrass and the river’s name was soon incorporated into the township.

8. Boring, Oregon, USA

This small locality lies just outside of the city of Portland. However, the story of its name is actually pretty boring since it was named after a resident named W.H Boring. The area is involved in the timber industry. One of the best sites is the Boring Lava Field, which is an ancient volcanic zone.

(photo credit: venturist)


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