cruise trvael1. Check the latest updates for your destination. For example if you are traveling to New Orleans in August or September you may want to stay tuned to The National Weather Channel in case of hurricanes.

If you are traveling to Kansas in March for your cousin’s birthday you will definitely want to check with local news and weather to ensure a tornado isn’t headed that way during your drive there.

2. Going on a cruise vacation?Flying to your destination? Taking the Amtrak or Greyhound? If so, consider taking out the appropriate travel insurance. There are many different kinds of travel insurance available depending upon your mode of travel and final destination.

Travel insurance can potentially cover any hospital visits while you are on vacation as well as medical evacuation and injuries that occur while participating in activities on your vacation.

3. Are you traveling overseas? If so, register your information with the appropriate embassy. Register your personal information such as name, phone and home address as well as the details of your trip.

4. Obey any and all laws of the area you are traveling to. Different states and different countries have varying laws you may want to do some research on these differences as well.

5. Make and take with you copies of all your identifying documents such as your photo ID, drivers’ license, passport and insurance policy. Carry your originals with you, have the copies in a separate place while traveling and have yet another copy at home with a trusted source.

6. If you are traveling abroad make sure you know and understand the local regulations as far as entering the country. In some countries a Visa does not ensure entry.

7. Again if you are going overseas check into any recommended vaccinations in that country or countries you are going to be visiting.

8. Double check to ensure your passport has at least six months until it expires.

9. Make sure someone at home has a copy of your travel essentials and check in with them periodically.

10. It is always a good idea to research the area you will be traveling to. Research the area in general to have a good idea of the people, the culture and the customs. The last thing you want to go while overseas or anywhere for that matter is to offend a local.


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