Golf VacationSo, you’re an avid golfer, aimlessly seeking out some of the best golf facilities in the United States?

Well you are in luck, here is a list of some of the top golf vacation spots around.

Arizona is considered to contain some of the top golf facilities around.

There are wide arrays of facilities in Scottsdale as well as Phoenix that will fit any golfer’s ample vacation requirements. There are certain requirements for different courses, and the prices do vary. However, when you are hitting your ball on the green, you won’t think about anything besides pure bliss.

California is also a great tourist attraction for golfers. Their course located in Palm Springs is considered to be the golfing capital of the world.

The weather conditions are always adequate for golfers to enjoy their game and not have to worry about freezing or sweating beyond control.

The state of Florida with its pristine beaches also contains the right weather for golf. Located close to the Caribbean the tropical weather will suit a game of golf well. The most renowned golf destinations in Florida are Destin Jacksonville, and Daytona Beach.


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