There are people that travel from different places every day. People choose from various means of transportation according to their destination, economic situation, weather conditions, etc.

flight journeyA common thought is that plane is the most secure way to travel. The new modern and fast trains are trying to bring down that statement and prove themselves worthy for the top position.

The train[Train journeys] has always been a traditional and romantic adventure type of traveling through the past years. However, faster and more modern trains are becoming popular because of different reasons.

With the increase of the ‘green’ consciousness, people claim that flying and driving seem to pollute the air more than the train.

It is researched that the CO2 emissions per passenger for a certain distance like London to Barcelona generates 277 kg/CO2 by plane, 40kg/CO2 by train.

train journeyFrance, Spain and Japan are the world’s most popular train lines crossing over the distances with cheaper costs and claimed to have become a greener option for the climate.

However, there are so many rails which are under construction and that makes planes reach further than trains.

There is also a gap of precious time waiting between transfers. Trains cause waiting time between transfers as a result of many reasons from bad weather to power failure and that makes planes faster.

It is believed that most people started to choose trains, but the planes still lead the travel market. The updates and suitable promotion will lead people’s choices in the future and nobody can tell which will be the final most viable and cost efficient way of transportation in the end.


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