In case you want to go for vacation, but you are single there are plenty of cool options you can choose from.

For those of you, who still didn’t find the better half here are some hot spots you should visit only while single. First on your list must be Europe and Spain. Andalucía is the right place for you with its crowds, festivals, amazing wine and loving spirit.

In case you don’t want to visit Europe, well you can simply pack your bags and get ready for a single adrenaline vacation in St. Lucia and get a different Caribbean vacation.

St. Lucia offers even apartments for singles and private beaches, as well as parties, wild nights and fine restaurants near the beach.

If you are one of those that dream about exotic journeys, choose Turkey, where you will be amazed by nature, traditions and views.

Italy has also always been an option for singles. Go for their gourmet trips in Rome, where you can visit the most famous cookery school.

Luxury trekking in South Africa is another reason to love being single, especially because it offers five-star hotel programs. The outstanding beaches of the Elephant Coast are also a target for a single trip.


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