Austin, Texas has always been a town to visit and there are lots of reasons why. This time you should consider several places of Austin you definitely must see.

The Austin City Limits Studio is one of them. The show, which Texas loves, will give you reasons to laugh and enjoy the typical Austin atmosphere.

In case you want to check out the Austin art’s suggestions, just go for the Austin Gibson Guitar Town. This is a public art project, which is made to honor artists with Gibson Guitar sculptures at several towns’ location.

Don’t miss out the Austin Museum of Art and the really stunning beautiful architecture of the Austin Children’s Museum, in case you are on family trip.

Austin is a mix of culture, parties and stunning urban views you need to experience. Another reason to love the Texas best town is the Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial. The statue was erected in 1994 and honors Stevie Ray Vaughan, known as the greatest guitarist of all the time.

Lady Bird Lake and the shopping areas of the town are also must see for anyone, who wants to visit Austin. Overall, the city is known with its passion for good music and local bars with good drinks.


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