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American Museum of Natural History

A Day In New York And What To Do List

New York – the city that never sleeps; the center of the American life! All this is the truth, but in case you are going to visit this amazing city and you don’t have a special guide or a program, take a look at our suggestions what to see in New York. The best place […]

Jetters And The Most Amazing Tourist Destinations Where They See The Movies

The number of tourists known as Jetters is currently increasing. The Jetters are those people planning their trips so they will see the places where their favorite movies had as sets. For the amateurs of this kind of traveling there are organized tours on the movie sets of the famous productions. These travelers do not […]


Where To Drink The Best Irish Beer?

In case you are going to visit the beautiful country of Ireland, here are the best places where to drink their famous beer. The Irish pubs are notorious for their beer and typical Irish meals. One of the best pubs in Ireland is The Gravediggers, located in Dublin’s 1Prospect Square. This Irish jewel is more […]

Kielder Forest 01

Kielder Forest–The Ideal Place For Easter And Much More Than That

In case you like to travel abroad and most of all if you like to explore the beautiful European nature, just take a look at the Kielder Forest, located in England. The biggest British forest reserve is often described as the best place for outdoor activities in Europe. Here is also the famous Kielder water […]

bali beach

Bali – The Island Of The Gods

Bali is a small island, feeding and carrying human life since 2000BC. People are mostly Balinese Hindus and the vast culture is their most valuable treasure and because of its rich culture, Bali was called the island of gods and art. There are lots of reasons to choose going to Bali. The first would be […]

light packing

Light Packing – Easy To Do

Packing before a trip is often a boring deed, but essential “must have” in case you don’t want to forget important things for your trip at home. It is necessary to prepare your packing list at least 2 weeks before the journey. Somehow we always seem to forget something or leave the things for the […]

The Egypt - History On Land, Paradise Of Snorkeling Under Water

The Egypt – History On Land, Paradise Of Snorkeling Under Water

When people visit the Egypt there is always something that attracts them. The Red Sea offers quite unexpected opportunities for the ones in love with under water exploring and nautical sports. For those passionate about history and archeology the mysteries of a 5000 years civilization are creating unforgettable memories quite hard to match. You have […]

Hohenzollern Castle

Three European Castles Out Of The Fairytale

The European landmark has always been famous for its stunning architecture. When it comes to castles, Europe is the right place to get in touch with an old history, amazing stories and local legends. One of the most significant castles in Europe is located in Germany and it is called Hohenzollern Castle. This castle was […]

Fjällnäs Reserve

10 Unforgettable Getaways in the Most Secluded Hotels in the World

Isolate yourself in luxury at these amazing remote hotels.

Capella Telluride

The Spa You Should Go To At Least Once In A Lifetime

Spa pleasures are now everywhere, but when comes to spa that combines relaxation with unusual techniques there are several spa-centers you should visit at least once in a life- time. The Fiesta Americana Somma Wine Spa in Los Cabos, Mexico is a place for total relaxing beauty care and procedures that clears your facial skin […]