In case you are going to visit the beautiful country of Ireland, here are the best places where to drink their famous beer.

The Irish pubs are notorious for their beer and typical Irish meals. One of the best pubs in Ireland is The Gravediggers, located in Dublin’s 1Prospect Square. This Irish jewel is more than 15-20 years and keeps the tradition that generation ago followed.

GUINNESSThe Victorian interior and the joyful atmosphere attract even the famous Hollywood stars. Brad Pitt also was among the clients when he visited Ireland.

Another good reason to get in touch with the wild Irish night life is to visit The Long Hall at 51 South Great George Street. The bar is famous with their good beer and lovely mahogany bars.

The Long Hall barThe Palace Bar, located on 21 Fleet Street is one of these bars, where the local people have fun after their work time. The décor is simple, but since 1843 the pub is a famous place for writers and artists. The pub had clients like W. B. Yeats and Flan O’Brien.

The Palace Bar


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