In case you like to travel abroad and most of all if you like to explore the beautiful European nature, just take a look at the Kielder Forest, located in England.

The biggest British forest reserve is often described as the best place for outdoor activities in Europe.

Kielder Forest 01Here is also the famous Kielder water lake that represents Europe’s largest manmade lake. The spring is the best time to visit this British jewel and to enjoy its thousand traveling activities.

Kieldier Waters &Forest Park is located in Northumberland and lies near Newcastle. Here is also England’s major red squirrel reserve, notorious for the biggest population of red squirrels in Europe.

Kielder ForestKielder village also offers history, a castle and typical English landmarks. Kielder Forest is a great destination for those of you, who love the touch with the nature.

There you can also enjoy sport activities and experience the local customs. One of the Kielder traditions is the Easter egg hunting around the Kielder Castle.


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