When people visit the Egypt there is always something that attracts them. The Red Sea offers quite unexpected opportunities for the ones in love with under water exploring and nautical sports.

For those passionate about history and archeology the mysteries of a 5000 years civilization are creating unforgettable memories quite hard to match.

You have the opportunity to visit the famous Egyptian pyramids from Giza, to let your eyes linger at the feet of the mighty Sphinx but also to lose yourself in shopping inside the immense Cairo bazaar.

You will have the chance to see Khan el-Khalili – the treasures of Tutankhamen from the Museum of Egyptology, the wonderful temples from Luxor and Karnak but also the royal tombs from Theba.

You will find yourself amazed by the Memphis museum and Sakkara pyramids and you will bow before the Roman ruins of the city of Alexandria that once saw the romance of Caesar and Cleopatra.

The most beloved Egyptian locations are Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh where the water of the Red Sea is fit for swimming all through the year. The crystal waters, the shining sun and the infinite blue sky are the main reasons for which the Egyptian vacation resorts are so loved and appreciated by the tourists.

The Sharm el-Sheik resort was initially very little advertised, this tourist paradise being discovered by the snorkeling amateurs and being today a luxury resort and a true paradise of underwater exploring.

Sharm el-Sheikh is a city located in the South East of the Sinai Peninsula in the Janub Sina region on the slice of sea coast between the Red Sea and the Sinai Mountain with a native population of 35,000.

Sharm el-Sheikh is the administrative center of the Janub Sina including the small cities like Dahab and Nuweiba but also of the inner mountain area with the Holy Sinai Mountain and the Saint Ecaterina monastery.

Known as the city of peace, Sharm el-Sheikh has hosted over the years many international peace conferences that took place inside the city. This happened because Egypt and Israel have fought during many years for the control over the Sinai Peninsula.

Only in 1979 the Israel and Egypt have signed a peace treaty through which the Israel has completely retreated from the Sinai Peninsula. This is how the Ofira Israeli city has become today the notorious luxury holiday resort Sharm el-Sheikh.

The excellent tropical climate allows the tourists to get a perfect tan even during the winter and the Red Sea with the wonderful coral reefs is offering the chance to enjoy all the wonders of the underwater world.

Perhaps not as cosmopolite as Tenerife or as exclusive as Bahamas or Maldives, Egypt is far from being as expensive as Maldives is and it creates for sure the same wonderful scenery for having a good time.

This is why Sharm el-Sheikh has become during the last years one of the best vacation choices for European and American tourists.


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